Best Courier Companies for Ecommerce in Pakistan

E-commerce business has made an insightful influence on the public. People today have the facility of online purchasing without leaving home. E-commerce has reformed the aspect of selling & other services which enable our economy to run smoothly.

Best Courier companies are prime sources in E-commerce to have direct contact between online sellers & customers. The connection between the Courier Company and client has furthermore improved as people need swift delivery intervals. It is essential to have committed courier companies to surge customer confidence. 

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E-tailing approach & Online Portal

Customers can approach best courier companies in two ways.

1. Walk-in Customer Delivery

In this process, customers have to reach the courier office for their shipment delivery. All the required information be filled online or manually. Customer can track their shipment status online by tracking number Or also be informed by a message on a given mobile number.

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2. Pickup Delivery

Free pickup shipment service is presented by courier services. You have to book your shipment at the online portal by giving pickup & drop-off places, weight, names, and other required information. A courier team member will pick up the shipment at your doorstep. You can track your delivery status online at websites or apps.

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Membership Card

Holders of cards will capable to gain concessions & additional paybacks. The purpose of the membership card is to offer untroubled services to customers. Consumers can recharge their cards & pay online. Card owners will be given reward points on every transaction. Points can be exchanged through many channels or consumed for different courier services.

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Best Courier companies in Pakistan

The most rapid & suitable courier companies for E-commerce Business in Pakistan. Customer or Supplier always trust on these services.

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TCS is one of the Best Courier companies and a leading courier company operative since 1983 in Pakistan because of the well-timed services facility winning customer’s confidence, promise, and obligation. Its services are extant around the country. The headquarter of TCS is in Karachi. Furthermore, services are set in three regions as North, South, and Central.

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E-Commerce Cutting-edge Solutions

TCS E-Commerce Way out is a product supplying to requirements of all E-retailers who need fast delivery of belongings to their customers. TCS E-Commerce Solutions plans a variety of facilities containing efficient delivery tracking, apt email, and at ease transferral of payments and suitable return purposes to boost and your online E-store.

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TCS delivers your shipments at the national & global levels as it extends over more than 220+ countries casing over 3,500+ destinations, 975+ express centers & 150 Million+ deliveries all-inclusive, offering immediate delivery inside Pakistan.

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1. Accurate Stock Upkeep

TCS works on store managing methods to make sure rapid and required delivery to customers. Stocks are managed by software & modern technology used.

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2. Effective Consumer Care

TCS retains customer assurance about the accessibility of possibilities and fresh arrival informs. Keep customers up-to-date through email, website & social media handles to receive reliability and customer satisfaction.

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3. Weight, Packing & Delivery Management

In advance of delivery, TCS saves a record of the entire packing material and mass of each dispatched good which benefits to have an exact record of shipped items and customers reliance.

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TCS Basics


TCS covers entire cities and towns of Pakistan for each service with fast delivery and care of your parcels/packages.

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Delivery depends on the dimension of the package and destination. Heavyweight and larger packages have extra charges plus packages destined for other cities.

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Usually, it takes 1 to 5 working days to clear deliveries depending upon location & weight. However. Extra charges for delivery on Sunday.

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TCS Card

TCS CARD service offers its customers reliable prepaid facilities to its customers. Consumers can load balance in their cards and pay online, thus avoiding cash transactions. Customers can save overweight charges.  

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Online Customer Portal

TCS account facilitates customers to check their delivery rates while giving information such as origin, destination, weight & date. Also, stay updated about your current delivery information & process.

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TCS Reward

TCS Reward program is an offer to totally cash customers for booking deliveries and using extra services over Express Centers.

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TCS Courier Tracking

TCS provides facilities like home delivery, courier tracking, tracking through mobile numbers, tracking through SMS, and through an online portal.

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TCS Charges

TCS Hazir:

These parcels take in pickup charges only. Delivery charges are separate.

  • Parcels under 2 kg, Rs. 100 are charge within city
  • Parcels between 2 kg – 5 kg Rs. 200 are charge within city
  • Parcels between 5 kg – 25 kg Rs. 250 are charge within city
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TCS Nazir SabKuch

  • Parcels picked up and deliverable on a bike, Rs. 200
  • Parcels picked up and delivered using van, Rs. 300
  • Additional charge of Rs. 100 for a distance exceeding 30km
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Delivery Charges

These rates are for special packages i.e. devices, phones, etc. Documents cost less and overnight delivery costs extra.

  • Delivery is charge Rs. 450 per kg with assurance price extra.
  • Minor E-commerce retailers acquire extra discount of about 50% to standard customers having cost of Rs. 200 to Rs. 250.
  • Vast E-commerce retailers get special rates of Rs. 100
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Contact Details

  • Calling U.A.N 111-123-456
  • TCS app for easier delivery process
  • TCS offices
  • Website:
  • Email:
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Leopards Courier Services had been initiated in 1983. It is the 2nd Best Courier companies in all over Pakistan. At present LCS have 1036 destinations for general clients and 376 destinations where the facility is restricted to banks only. These destinations are organized and serve from 164 Main centers in Pakistan. They are engaging about 2,400 courier staff have. LCS 400 effusively specialized staff for client’s wants and concerns.

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At this time, LCS employee over 3000 couriers and 1000 express center employees. LCS is now converted into one of the Major Courier Services in Pakistan with above 700 Express Hubs, consist of 1500+ Locations in Pakistan, , holding over 90 Million parcels per year & more than 2200 Destinations Worldwide. 4000+ Vehicles fleet and with 7,000+ Leopard serving customers of minor & huge E-commerce businesses.

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 E-Commerce Solutions

LCS has supported dynamic and advanced solutions for E-Commerce success. Magnify your business/online store nationally with Leopards Courier Delivery services. Leopards have the utmost proficient E-commerce ability.

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Online Portal

An Online Portal is a great facility for dedicated customers. Customers just have to make an account on the portal by giving the required information. You can also calculate your rate for your delivery according to destination & weight. In the era of social media/E-commerce, customers are focus on the way to digitization. From homes, customers can simply purchase & deliver preferred products with ease.

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Integrate Courier Service on Your Online Store

Order success is a dynamic feature for every E-commerce business process. So offer great customer service proudly by integrating leopard courier service with your e-commerce solution. To gain consumer pleasure sellers have to certify that parcel will be dispatch professionally and rapidly.

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Paybacks of Courier Service Integration

  • Perfection in order success with timely delivery that rises achievement rates
  • Decrease in order status appeals by improving customer service
  • Time saving for your online business.
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Price Plans

  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs 205 for different zones and Rs. 245 for 1 kg or Rs. 180 for each extra kg.

Leopard Instant

  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs. 70 within the city and Rs. 100 for 1 kg or Rs. 50 for each 500 grams.
  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs 130 in the same province and Rs. 180 for 1 Kg or Rs. 90 for each 500 grams.
  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs 170 for a different province and Rs. 220 1 kg or Rs. 110 for each 500 grams.
  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs. 200 for the fifth province, and Rs. 220 1 kg or Rs. 140 for each 500 grams.
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Proposed For Outsized Deliveries

  • Parcels up to 1 kg, Rs 180 in similar province, and extra Rs. 170 per kg (adjusted for box size).
  • Parcels up to 1 kg, Rs 220 for a different province, and an extra Rs. 220 per kg (adjusted for box size).
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Leopard Economy

  • Most cost-effective package in 2 days for heavyweight distribution.
  • Parcels up to 5 kg, Rs 400 inside Pakistan.

3 Days Service For Packages Over 10 kg Economically

  • Parcels up to 10 kg, Rs 300 in Zone, and extra Rs. 30 kg.
  • Parcels up to 10 kg, Rs. 400 out Zone and extra Rs. 40 kg.
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Contact Details

  • Calling U.A.N (021) 111-300-786.
  • LCS app for easier delivery process
  • LCS offices
  • Official Website:
  • Email Address:
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M&P Express Logistics one of the prominent Best Courier companies firm functioning in Pakistan launch on 23rd May 1986, currently consisting of 2500 employees, highest of 12 Million+ yearly supplies expanding on more than 1400+ different locations in Pakistan.  M&P has 550+ Courier Hubs.

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M&P E-Commerce Expertise

M&P has wide involvement in engaging the E-Commerce business for many years. They provide a supreme friendly Structure of Cash On Delivery facility that hits your E-Commerce businesses towards accomplishment. On the way through digitization the growing trend of online shopping crafts an amazing demand for products and services.

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Supplier Corporate Account

Owners of an E-commerce business or online store can open their account by filling the form given on M&P’s website mainly include your time duration into business, your business type, and shipments per week/month.

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Tracking Methodology

Customer or vendor can also check their product delivery status online by their given shipment number or email. You can also get messages on the mobile number provided.

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M&P Gift Transfer Facility

Corporate Gift service is a premium gift delivery service for all periods, special occasions, and events. It reaches the exact address of the receiver. Show Care and express love for your favorite ones with this meticulous offer. 

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Labeling & Packing

M&P offers super eased services for labeling and packaging of your product to deliver in a decent display. We have multiple customized techniques along with talented staff to do it for you.

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 Customer Care

If any delivery gets wrong or customer needs are not met, we are capable of recovering it by complaints and warranty claims.

Globally Connected

We offer services for import-export of any type of inventory, product, or parcel from anywhere in the world.

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Overnight Services

  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs. 80 inside city and Rs. 120 per kg or Rs. 60 for every extra 500 grams.
  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs 130 in similar zone, and Rs. 180 per Kg or Rs. 90 for every extra 500 grams.
  • Parcels up to 500 grams, Rs 180 for different zones, and Rs. 220 per kg or Rs. 110 for every extra 500 grams.
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Similar Day Services

  • Parcels up to 1 kg, Rs 300 inside city, and Rs. 150 for extra, 500 grams.
  • Parcels up to 1 kg, Rs 600 for a different city, and Rs. 200 for extra, 500 grams.
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Proposed For Huge Consignments

  • Parcels up to 2 kg, Rs. 200 within city, and an extra Rs. Up to Rs. 100 per kg (adjusted according to weight). 2,000 per 30 kg.
  • Parcels up to 2 kg, Rs 280 in same zone, and an extra Rs. Up to Rs. 140 per kg (adjusted according to weight). 30 kg in 2500.
  • Parcels up to 2 kg, Rs. 380 for different zones and extra Rs. 190 per kg (adjusted according to weight) up to Rs. 3000 for 30 kg.
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Contact Details

  • Calling U.A.N (021) 111-202-202
  • M&P app for easier delivery process
  • M&P offices
  • Official Website:
  • Email Address:
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