How to Get Your First Paying Client as a Freelancer within 1 Month

Getting your first paying client on freelancing platforms like Fiverr. Upwork or Freelancer is difficult. When you are fresh and you do not have any kind of testimonials, experience, or a portfolio, it creates a hard time for you at the start. Finding high-paying clients as a freelancer at the start is very time-consuming, and annoying. At the start, you should compromise to work with low-paying clients to gain some experience & to improve your portfolio. Do not waste your time waiting for the first client to approach you.

Communication Matter for getting first paying client :

When you are just beginning your freelance work, you should build strong relations with the people you know in your community. Visibility is everything as the freelance platforms are jam-packed. You need to get social and should communicate with more people to get more knowledge related to freelance community & business. If you are looking to learn how to get clients online, the following methods will help you start making your online presence & to earn massive money.

1. Freelance Websites

Clients post their projects on different freelancing websites such as Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer, etc. for getting the first paying clients within a month as a freelancer can bid for projects according to their skills, niches, or experience. First, you should recognize your specific skill or expertise in the field you have worked in before or somehow you are a professional apart of online working.

Next, you can create your project or gig of your own through watching lectures or YouTube videos or can hire an expert. Your gig should be well-organized & attractive to viewers so that people have reason to hire you even if you are fresh. New freelancers should send more buyer requests & have to remain active 24/7 to have a better reach of their freelance account.

2. Facebook Groups

If you are a member of any Facebook groups related to freelancing then you know that there are constantly job posts asking people to hire. So for a new freelancer, it can be a beneficial approach to find new clients, particularly if you are in the right Facebook groups for your skills or offerings. You can also scan groups daily and apply as soon as an interesting job appears in your job catalog.

You can also post according to your skill or expertise to search for new clients. Make sure to read the group rules first and check if it is allowed to post job searches. Find groups that are relevant to the thing you do, as well as groups that have nothing to do with what you do but are relevant to the clients you want to have.

3. Develop Online Presence

It is almost impossible to get your first client without a strong online presence. You must have a professional-looking website and social media accounts that will allow potential clients to connect with you. Clients need a specific way to discover more about you on their own, and a way to contact you.

4. Influence Social Media

If you are not using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram to boost your brand and connect with potential customers, you are missing loads of chances to get leads and land that the first client. Develop or join a community on social media that emphasis on something related to your business and form confidence with potential clients. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn offer brilliant opportunities to connect with the numerous communities that might be concerned about your services.

5.  Make Contacts

When it comes to finding new clients, networking is the most important of all and that means going outside social media. Attend events, sessions, and seminars related to your industry or skills and communicate with people of your interest. When it comes find clients, a lot of people depend on the virtual world. Be courageous and move forward in sponsoring yourself in front of renowned personalities.

6.    Join Coworking Spaces

Coworking can be effective when it arises to networking. You will regularly catch a lot of other freelancers and business holders in Coworking spaces. That offers you abundant opportunities to connect, build collaborations, or work in partnership. Casually shared workplaces are all around nowadays.

7.    Run Ad Campaigns

If you want to maximize your interaction and connect with a huge amount of potential clients run ad campaigns. The most widely accessed tools are Facebook ads and Google AdWords. Spending a minor budget, you can change your service ahead of a huge audience.

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