How to Invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) market can be the furthermost gainful trade for any individual if performed with accurate information and process. A Stock Exchange is a platform where you can trade or exchange shares. You can buy shares as an investment in the Pakistan stock exchange. You can also buy shares from firms, consume them for investment, and vend them later to make a profit. A stock market aims to simplify the exchange of securities between buyers and sellers which can, in turn, reduce the risks associated with investing. So a stock market can be considered as a super-sophisticated market providing a linkage between buyers and sellers.

Stock Exchange Functioning

Stock Exchanges all over the world work in an identical manner. A business increases its revenue by distributing shares. The persons who purchase these shares plan on vending them sooner or later which they have done through the Stock Exchange as an alternative of going from person to person in quest of a buyer. A Stock Exchange always keeps the privacy of the buyer & seller.

Trade on Pakistan Stock Exchange    

Pakistani citizens who are living abroad can trade on the PSX by opening a Roshan digital account with the banks selected for this purpose. The entire procedure is digital and can be managed online. Roshan account permits a foreign Pakistani to transfer assets, pay bills and invest on Pakistan Stock Exchange.

Foreign investors can open a Special Convertible Rupee Account (SCRA.) The SCRA allows foreign investors to transfer funds for securities purchases to and from the account. PSX member brokers, selected banks, and particular global brokers can set up SCRAs for foreign investors.

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Categories of Investments in Stock Market

Usually, you can make two kinds of investments in the Pakistan Stock Exchange:

Short-range Investment

In a short-range investment, the investors purchase and sell shares on an everyday basis depending upon the market price. Such traders are known as day traders. They have extraordinary abilities in evaluating the financial aspects of each trade.

Long-Range Investment

In a long-range investment, the traders possess their shares for an extended period until the prices touch the peak intending to gain maximum profits. This investment also has a facility to get payments every 3 months.

Conditions to Invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange

There are generally two conditions to invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange:

Residents of Pakistan

To invest in Pakistan Stock Exchange, you need to open a brokerage account. For a Pakistani citizen living in Pakistan, you will need a funded Pakistani bank account with national identification documents that prove your identity that you are a permanent citizen of Pakistan.


For overseas Pakistanis or foreigners, some necessities must be encountered before investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange. They must first open a Pakistani bank account that offers custodial services.

Concerns before Opening a Brokerage Account

The following points must be considered before you open a brokerage account from Pakistan to trade:

Membership Certificate

It is compulsory for the brokers that invest in the Pakistan Stock Exchange to comprehend a Trading Right Entitlement Certificate (TREC). This certificate allows the traders to perform trades.

Trading Policy

A virtual trading application is necessary for the brokers to evaluate the market through rate plans, and signals. Trading software is mandatory to perform orders for buying & selling of shares on the stock exchange market.

Steps to Open Brokerage Account
  1. To open a brokerage account, visit your nearby brokerage corporation. You must wisely inquire to discover which brokerage will be suitable for you.
  2. After concluding entire of the official procedure and declaring all the documents, you will have to wait for 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Within 1 or 2 weeks, you will get the authorization to trade with Pakistan Stock Exchange assigned shares.
  4. You will not be required to visit your brokerage corporation frequently as your trades will be controlled by you virtually.

The trader must have the below-mentioned documents:

  • Original CNIC
  • Any Bank account in Pakistan
  • Salary slip in case of occupation & bank statement in case of self-employment

Paybacks of Investing in Pakistan Stock Exchange

Gain over Investment

A momentous rise in prices of shares can hook you to extreme profits counter to your investment. As stock prices fluctuate daily, this is a very favorable enduring investment strategy.

Investor Profits

Several firms in the stockholder markets offer rebates and free services to their investors. If you possess a large number of shares of a company, you will be offered extraordinary discounts.

Financial Payments

Towards the end of every fiscal year, a portion of the company’s profit is paid to investors in the form of cash. The more shares you possess, the more profit you will be paid at the end of every monetary year.

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