Top Five Software Companies Uplifting Pakistan’s Economy in Information Technology

This is the era of Development in the field of Pakistan’s economy in Information Technology and the world is making fast progress. Pakistan is the 4th major high-tech market in the world. The Information Technology sector in Pakistan has revealed an extraordinary evolution for the past 10 years towards Pakistan’s Economy. Pakistan’s IT sector has been producing beyond 20,000 IT graduates and engineers every year. IT exports have improved by 70% in the previous three years. Moreover, the startups are progressively stimulating progress in Pakistan’s economy.

Pakistan’s Economy in Information Technology (IT)

The Information & Communication Technology (ICT) sector in Pakistan has been persistent in growing Development, providing valued services at reasonable costs. Pakistan is ranked among the top countries by the World Economic Forum in terms of effective services delivered by ICT in developing Pakistan’s Economy. Officials have been determined to perform their inspired role in the country’s digital revolution by enriching the economy. According to analysis, there are more than 2000 software companies in Pakistan. Most of the leading five companies uplifting Pakistan’s technology are discussed below.


NetSol is one of the top software houses established in 1997 in Lahore. It is extremely innovative in the field of Information Technology & leading business firm. Salim Ghauri is the Founder and CEO OF NetSol. NetSol delivers its leading-edge services locally & globally & aims towards Development in Pakistan’s Economy. The topmost services provided by NetSol include; Data Management, Software Quality Assurance, Data Analysis, and Software Project Management. It is also cooperated with famous companies to support Development such as Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, and BMW. Moreover, the company offers Data Security Structures, Information Security Solutions, and Financial Counseling. NetSol is Pakistan’s first ISO-9000 certified firm.


Ovex Technologies was established in 2003 by Faisal Khan. It is a globally dominant company as it is Pakistan’s leading exporter of Information Technology Solutions. The company is located in multiple cities & has above 700 highly experienced and expert staff. Ovex Technologies is providing its services locally & globally with multiple professional clients & companies while moving towards Development. Services provided by the company include Account outsourcing, software solutions, IT helpdesk requests, and BPO Call Center. Ovex Technologies was nominated as the best BPO & leader in gender diversity by the Pakistan software houses association in 2014. Pakistan’s major companies such as NADRA, Nokia, Haier, Ufone, Zong & Sui Northern are some clients of Ovex.


TRG Tech was established in 2002 and was operational from 2003. Mr. Zia Chishti is the CEO & Director of this company. The company head office is located in Lahore and another branch in Karachi. TRG is the most innovative investor Holder Company focusing in the business process outsourcing sector in the field of Information Technology. The services offered by TRG include Design and Development, system automation, & system integration. TRG Tech’s central office is in Washington DC. The company has about 22,000 employees working from seven different countries. The leading companies such as Afiniti, ISKY, Alert Communications, and Sigma phone are major clients of TRG.


TECHABOUT is a software company located in Lahore, Pakistan. Jazib Zaman CEO of TechAbout expects a future in humans merged with technological innovations. TechAbout offers an extensive variety of IT products to its clients in the arena of Information Technology. The company targets to attain advanced quality by developing comfortable and innovative products aiming for improvement towards Pakistan’s Economy. The services of the company include Website & Application Development, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, ERM/CRP Systems, Artificial Intelligence, and Content Creation. TechAbout provides Products to different fields of consultancy, Prototyping, Designing, and Quality Assurance. TechAbout has certified business partners like ZOHO, Bitrix 24, and WP Engine.


Macrosoft was founded in 2006 by Dr. Ronald Mueller. It is also an offshore Development center of Macrosoft Inc. USA. Macrosoft is a renowned software company that offers services of Software Development, iPhone & Android Development, QA Testing, and Process Re-Engineering. Macrosoft also provides business and technical consultancy and has worked on several software projects. The main focus of the company is to provide easier and effective management solutions to the clients. This company’s main objective is to source clients with innovative and creative solutions to uphold their reputation in the Information Technology market. Macrosoft’s products include reports on demand, print on demand, and resources on demand. Major clients are Cable Vision, Duke Energy, Global Printing, and Dominion.

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