Impact of Information Technology on Higher Education Commission in Pakistan

Technology has transformed every extent of life, therefore, its use in education & learning is vital. Impact of information Technology is sharing the greatest prospects to all the investors in the education system, to acquire the fruit of technology in the education sector. Pakistan’s government has taken several edges for expanding the eminence of education at different levels. The instructor has a very significant part in the modern education system, so there is the necessity of contribution on teachers that they have to understand the modern era and demand of this digital generation.

Information technology Exposure among Youth

Youth empower themselves to engage surroundings information for decision creating in life and are educated to learn innovative ideas to enhance creativity and develop mental power. This dominant technology provides the benefit to the education sector and part of information technology has given the rise to a spreading of educational access, comforting students the chance to study for a qualification or a novel career in their extra time online. Information technology has played a main part in spreading the influence of the education sector countrywide. Now more folks can access different career training and degree courses online to learn multiple skills. Any person having a computer/laptop can now learn or study for a degree or a career virtually.

Use of Technology by the Students

The usage of technology by the students in the teaching space reforms the learning atmosphere more collaborative and supports them to clear their concepts about tough topics. The recognition of technology can advance worth and competence in the educational development and deliver scenarios to students to acquire an education wherever at any time, upsurge inspiration for knowledge, teaching space atmosphere to turn out to be thought-provoking, also creates a enrich skills between the students,  and boosts chances for combined learning between the students.

Technology comfort students to develop significant knowledge activities and endorse paramount thinking with the ability of problem-solving. Nowadays,  instructors are using smart technologies for building tutoring operative and pioneering such as flip-classrooms,  merged learning style, collaborating white-boards, block-chain technology, zoom,  Google meet, and  Google classroom. Using technology, students can acquire access to online books, virtual courses, and online training/seminars. Most excessive paybacks of the internet are sharing, searching, and retrieving innovative information.

Purpose & Potential of Education with IT

Information technology has enormous variations to the purposes of education, hence education is progressively more perceived. Information technology relieves institutions from the limitations of space and time and allows the presence of educational facilities everywhere, anytime. So we can expect a future where physical libraries would be swapped by digital libraries accessible to everybody virtually. Currently, modern technology has been empowering students in a given location (such as a home) to access instructors and to communicate with them virtually.

Teaching Concept through IT

The utmost level of variation happening relative to information technology and education is in the mode teaching is gradually being perceived as going on through the platform of technology. Information technology mainly influences course catalog, teaching approach, and the employment and preparation of teaching staff along with the content of courses. The method of teachers will change with the advancement of information. Students do not have a deficiency of material, but somewhat the time to discover, examine, comprehend and apply information. An educator’s role is to advantage students develop skills to evaluate and understand information.

Impact on Instructor’s Roles

Technology has by now transformed the lives of instructors/trainers in notable means. In the 21st century, instructors’ roles are utmost evolving as computers and telecommunications media are more abundantly included in higher education. Instructors at the moment utilize technology to prepare for lectures, conduct research, convey training, and communicate with students and coworkers. Many professionals in teaching and education have an ultimate shift in faculty duties as new technology applications are implemented in the education sector.


Technology has a helpful influence on the observations and appearance of students. The merging of technology is becoming more prevalent among university students. Technology is growing students; inspiration, knowledge, teamwork, practical learning occasions, improving self-confidence in students, and increasing technical skills. Students can now use technology for multiple purposes such as exploration, learning, communication, and online working.

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