The 5 Best Technology Blog Websites in Pakistan

Pakistan is recognized globally for some of its major accomplishments in science and best technology blog websites such as the effective progress of digital media, technologies and a rising quantity of doctors and engineers, as well as its new influx of software engineers who have been actively contributing to Pakistan’s potential in the Information The technology industry. The technology blog mainly covers stuff that is related to technology, artificial intelligence, mobile, digital gadgets, and product reviews, blog websites.

Best technology Blog websites

List of Best technology blog websites :


Overview & Analysis

Pro Pakistani is serving as the most clicking best technology blog websites in Pakistan since 2008. According to founder Amir Atta, Pro Pakistani has huge network coverage in the fields of technology, journalism, business, startups, sports, auto, aviation, career, education, and telecommunication. Also updating people about new gadgets, devices, inventions & discoveries. Pro Pakistani has vast networks on multiple social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Website, newsletters, videos & blogs.

Professional Team  

Pro Pakistani has a strong team of highly skilled & professional individuals having vast expertise in various fields such as journalism, management, reporting, technology, and telecom.

Digital Pakistan

Pro Pakistani has introduced the Digital Pakistan program for Pakistanis to be updated about the latest world news in this COVID-19 period. Digital Pakistan platform aims to deliver its reader & viewers with the latest business & jobs updates in this intense condition of Corona Virus. They update about How to earn through different business Applications & platforms, online learning platforms & online shopping stores. Pakistan becoming digital having proficient development and efficiency in economy and industry, leading to more jobs, advancement in innovation, and moving towards the superior quality of natural life.  

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Outline & Specifics

Technology Times is the leading newsprint & online website of Pakistan launched in 2010, serving Pakistanis in the field of science, gaming, health, lifestyle, nature, politics, education, information & technology, agriculture, environment, telecom, startups/businesses, and energy. Technology Times has enormous networks on multiple social media platforms, Websites, newsletters, videos & blogs.

Developed Locally & Globally

Technology Times communicates & circulates information to a wide-ranging audience in Pakistan. The publication’s & E-paper objective is to report the utmost fascinating facts about science and technology. Technology Times has both English and Urdu sections for Pakistanis.

Technology Times is not only limited to the latest news & information of Pakistan, however, they also provide global news which includes major countries like China, U.S.A., and Africa.

Centered Audience

Technology Times is extensively spread to organizations & institutions in more than 50 cities of Pakistan. Best technology blog websites has a huge audience from all over the world reaching videos, blogs, information & E-newspaper. Furthermore, holding the catalog of all foregoing matters, a website is a cooperative approach to connect to vast communities in the country.

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Tech Mag is the largest hub of online Information Technology and Telecom Magazine created especially for Pakistanis. Tech Mag is established by an IT specialist and entrepreneur Zulfiqar Anees in 2016. For technology devoted people, Tech Mag is the best platform for all kinds of information.

Area of concern

Tech Mag passionate content creators are dedicated to empowering readers by interpreting the developments & researches in technology, the Internet of things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, gadgets, social media, science, software, apps, smartphone, sports, and health. Tech Mag discovers how industries and technology impact various markets and commerce & broadcasting on them in a comprehensive layout.

Tremendous Setup

Tech Mag network of technology, broadcast & publications appeals to a directed audience of customers and vendors who require suitable industry updates, steadfast analysis, and next-level reviews.

Other Ventures


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Pak Wired is the extremely genuine hub of technology updates, business help, and industry exploration and startup assistance. Pak Wired was launch in 2014, its founder & CEO is Hassan Saleem, who is an entrepreneur, a renowned personality in the online business community & has launched several ventures including Pak Wired.

Updates & Information Series

Individuals, students & business-related people having concerns in E-Commerce, telecommunications, industry, and high-tech innovations, Pak Wired is the authentic & reliable source of information for you. Pak Wired is the platform where viewers are updated with informative blogs, technology, startup, business, telecom, security, finance, banking & taxes, exploration & reviews on recent launch gadgets in the Pakistan technology industry.

Globally Connected

Pak Wired is a compassionate place for a student, researcher, and business person or startup founder. It will help you learn, enhance, implement and develop by global success stories of entrepreneurs, scholars, experts & trainers. You can get every international news that matters.

Responsibility & Purpose

Pak Wired is extremely envisioned to coach and encourage persons with an entrepreneurial essence to boost from freelance experts to startup originators. We convey messages & success stories of popular experts in every field and give information on the best technology blog websites and business.

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Phone: +353 834588755




 Tech Juice is a Pakistan premium Media Company started in 2014 by entrepreneur, Fatima Rizwan, creating content related to technology, mobile, online earning, blockchain, investment & Cryptocurrency. Tech Juice is the mention in the list of best technology blog. websites

Target & Lead

Tech Juice has become an inspirational platform for entrepreneurs, trainers & learners to chase motivation, ideas, and vision from some experts in technology-related businesses.

Blogs & Consultancy

Tech Juice has an extended team of creators who work on publishing the latest & research-based news & blogs on technology & startup. They have also developed a huge chain of mobile-related information for their viewers. They also inform people about multiple sources to earn money online & consult people about perfect investment opportunities.

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