How Freelancers can receive Payments by Payoneer in Pakistan

Here we will discuss HOW FREELANCERS CAN RECEIVE PAYMENTS BY PAYONEER IN PAKISTAN. In recognition of the rising trend of freelancing in Pakistan, the major issue at the moment is how to easily receive & withdraw the payments that are being earned through freelancing platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer & many others. Payoneer is the most expanding platform globally & locally for online payments. Payoneer is becoming quickly popular for its easy transfer processes.


Facilities by Payoneer Pakistan

Payoneer has effectively replaced Paypal as it is not accessible in Pakistan.  Payoneer is now used by everyone in Pakistan to receive or transfer payments worldwide. As Pakistan has the biggest freelance community in the world, so here are a large number of Payoneer users. At the moment, Payoneer is proposing an online payment-getting facility from freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and many more.

Benefits of Payoneer User

Payoneer is a virtual payment conveying platform that has comforted people especially freelancers in Pakistan. They are using Payoneer to send & receive online transactions to multiple freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

  • The most accessible payment method PayPal is not supported in Pakistan, therefore Payoneer is the most beneficial method.
  •  To withdraw payment by Fiverr is by using an avenue card. Avenue card is made via the cooperation of Payoneer and Fiverr.
  • Another effective method supported in Pakistan is through bank transfer. You can connect your bank account with Payoneer to receive & withdraw money.

Payoneer & Jazz Cash Partnership

Jazz Cash and Payoneer have aligned to manage online payments to ease freelancers. Jazz Cash has been involved to enable freelancers by facilitating them to directly receive payments from a Payoneer account into their Jazz Cash account. This system helps to ensure direct and quick payment transfers.

Payoneer Registration Process

The Payoneer registration process can be started by Signing up into a Payoneer account. The users can register themselves from the Payoneer website. You have to mention your details like name, date of birth, domicile, etc. You also have to mention your source of income & bank statement. In the end, you have to mention bank account details. The scanned copies of documents issued by the government such as CNIC, passport, or Driving License specifics can be given. Users can make a Payoneer account by the steps given below:

  • The basic information has to be filled in. Put the exact CNIC name, date of birth as it will be verified with the proof of identity.
  • After setting up the personal details, enter the correct contact details & exact address.
  • Be sure to give accurate address details since Payoneer account details will be sent to that address.
  • You will be requested identity verification by your CNIC, passport, or Driving License details.
  • Finally, you will have to mention your banking details.

Payoneer Withdrawal Methods

When an operator registers with Payoneer, they are provided with an online account that can be used to send, receive & withdraw money through freelancing platforms such as Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer. The Payoneer account is accessible at ATMs, so the users can simply withdraw money from local ATMs. Payoneer also provides the opportunity to withdraw money directly from bank accounts. Cross transfers between two Payoneer accounts can also be made which have zero charges.

Payoneer International Payments

Once your bank account is confirmed and registered with Payoneer, the users can receive payments by choosing the Payoneer payment option on the global freelancing platforms. If the payments are transferred from offline clients, the seller/receiver can refer to a payment request. It can be done from the Payoneer online account section and can be retrieved by the “Request a Payment” option. Once the essential information is filled in, Payoneer sends a link in an email to the sender. The receivers can also individually share the requested link with senders/clients.

Payoneer Activation Process

The Payoneer account requires activation before any action. The activation procedure is simple and can be finished online. Payoneer can also be activated through its automatic phone verification & activation process. Activation of the Payoneer account is free of cost. To activate your account online, follow the steps given below:

  • Sign in to your Payoneer account.
  • Click “Activate” from the option “Activate your account”.
  • Put your bank account number in the bank account details option, then enter your security PIN.
  • After filling in the necessary information, click “Activate” for the Payoneer to merge with the bank account.

Payoneer Accessibility Options

Payoneer is associated with countless freelancing platforms and has various partners. You can use Payoneer at bank ATMs, and online E-Commerce websites. It can also be used in transactions with global freelancing platforms, firms, and clients. You can also use Payoneer to make payments for Facebook ads and Google Ad Words promotions.

Payoneer Services Fees

Payoneer can be ordered for free. Though, there are periodic charges for consuming their facilities which are subtracted annually. At present, the yearly Payoneer Fee is $29.95. There are also charges of banks for using their ATMs or withdrawal transactions.

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